It’s Just Me

let’s me tell you..

this is not one of those things that I tend to do, I get embarrassed when I try to follow my impulses “my dreams”. I’ve been debating over taking up this vlog that I started 6 years ago and never completed. but here I go.

Our First Agreement.

You’ve decided that you now want something you didn’t want before for the last 5 years you didn’t want it and now you won’t leave me alone. You’ve taken it upon yourself to come and try to force yourself back into my life and no. That will not do. I’ve been scared for so long […]

Day One!

Today is April 5th 2020, I woke up at 11:20am because my mom wanted me to make her breakfast since she hurt her back and how I’m such a nice daughter; I woke up and did it! Which was kinda hard because I decided that today would be the beginning of “MY THREE DAY FAST […]

This’ll do.

Sooo.. I’ve been attempting to attempt to lose weight! (YAY) But I’ve failed over and over and over and over again. Because let’s face it, food is awesome. Well I’ve decided that final NO MAS. I will get my shit together starting tomorrow April 5th I’ll start a 3 DAY WATER FASTING! Well it’s 3:15am […]

Forgot About Blog..

Dear Not One Soul.. I’ve been “slackin” as the young people say. I’ve been completely lost for words ever since this epidemic started. Days became weeks, weeks became months and months remained months because it hasn’t been that long to be honest. But the fact that I have not been writing as much as I […]

List Of “Wants To Dos”

Hello! yeah.. I was meant to do this as much as I could. You know the blogging thing; the thing that was supposed to help me get my thought together? Yeah. it was working for a while and I felt very content I felt like I was finally getting something done from the 1000 things […]


I have my father. I mean we all do. but I don’t have my him the way other girls have their fathers. I have him very present, he’s just not here. I have him very close, but he’s far away, I keep him on my mind, even though we haven’t spoken, I keep him with […]

Apocalypse Day 1

It’s day one of lock down and I feel the walls closing in on me; I don’t know if I’m sick or I’m just acting sick because people keep talking about being sick. All I know it’s my head hurt and we only have very thin toilet paper sheets, I hate it here. We still […]

Grammar Errors

My sisters an asshole. Today while she was trying to be supportive she decided to go through my BRAND NEW BLOG (Check it out). everything was going great! We were laughing enjoying my GENIUS. until! she noticed i wrote “plane” instead of “plain” in my post I titled “Tough..” (Don’t check its gone) in which […]

March 14th 11:40Pm

How can I have enough money to provide and still build something for myself?. Investing, saving money and building a business seem to be THE.WAY.TO.GO! (according to YouTube) also a YouTube page couldn’t hurt? Right? Now do I have any experience investing? No. Do I know how to save money with 2 kids 2 siblings […]


This blogging thing it’s a little intimidating, I don’t have a laptop because I thought: “they’re just small computers… and so it’s my phone”. therefore I didn’t think there was a need for a laptop. now that I keep researching, every “blogger” does it through their laptop. Why is blogging so expensive.. this site cost […]


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