To work

I’m feeling excited for work. It’s been a month since I started and I’m still pretty thrilled with it. I get a lot more freedom and independence from my partner, I felt trapped in my own house not being able to do anything for 10 LONG months while carrying my daughter, therefore I get very happy when I get to leave the house to do something that’s my own. even if it’s just work, It’s my space away from home.

The Pleasure To Meet Me

My name is Linda, I’m 22 years girl who talks to much and since no one around me seems to be looking foward to hear me, I’ve decided to share it with you random people .

I work at T-Mobile as of last month.

Why do this?
Because I have a lot of questions and answers. I have a lot of experiences that I feel people could learn from and i want to learn from others. Also because I get bored and no one to talk to.