This’ll do.

Sooo.. I’ve been attempting to attempt to lose weight! (YAY) But I’ve failed over and over and over and over again. Because let’s face it, food is awesome. Well I’ve decided that final NO MAS. I will get my shit together starting tomorrow April 5th I’ll start a 3 DAY WATER FASTING! Well it’s 3:15am so technically today!

I’ve started recording myself talking about all the things I’m gonna do. (Hopefully) I’ve decided to wake up whenever I do and record whenever I want to eat something and then just Not! GENIUS! I know it just came to me like a dream.. I’ve decided to pull my wonderful man into this but I know he’ll give up around 2pm I gotta remain strong! All I wanna do is detox to be able to start MY SUGAR FREE LIFE STYLE!!


I titled this one “This’ll do” because well.. I had no better tittle so that did do the job just fine!

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