Forgot About Blog..

Dear Not One Soul..

I’ve been “slackin” as the young people say. I’ve been completely lost for words ever since this epidemic started. Days became weeks, weeks became months and months remained months because it hasn’t been that long to be honest. But the fact that I have not been writing as much as I would like to has come to mind. Every time I attempt to “Blog” I turn around and end up at the fridge! I know what’s going on with that? In the last few day I have not typed one word, but I’ve gained plenty of pounds *sad face*

But not everything’s bad.. let me tell you THE MEMES! The memes Jesus Christ they’re gold. They’re so good I gave my daughter to my mother so I could take a “Nap” well I didn’t! I spent 2 hours laughing on Facebook and every other “social” media that I use solely for memes, granted I’m incredibly tired now but I believe it was worth it! WORTH IT!

I don’t think I’ve mentioned I have siblings One of each actually! Yes that’s right. A Republican and a Democrat. Nope jk. We’re not religious.. Jk again! Well I’m the oldest of 3 Me being a WOMAN, my brother being a 20 year old boy and my sister being a 16 year old Grandma.. all and all we get along great! fight are decent, joke are okay, we don’t really do name calling but we make up for it with healthy psychological abuse.. you know the usual.. one day I’ll go deeper into how and who they are mainly my sister since my brother will probably kill me for mentioning he exist. Well goodnight and have a great apocalypse!

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