Apocalypse Day 1

It’s day one of lock down and I feel the walls closing in on me; I don’t know if I’m sick or I’m just acting sick because people keep talking about being sick. All I know it’s my head hurt and we only have very thin toilet paper sheets, I hate it here.

We still have food and the house is clean. My siblings and I ordered “Uber Eats”, they said they “waived the delivery fees”- they lied. It was expensive, my wallet cried. My brother said he’d pay half.. I know that money is gone, it’s fine. I’ll eat him first if we run out of food. We’re all calm, so far the only “sick one” is me. I don’t care if they think I’m lying! I think my head hurts.

My boyfriend left the house with my infant to his mothers house to visit; I’m left alone with the child. He keeps asking for cereal, I keep repeating “in a second, in a second” It’s been an hour; it’s 11pm. I know won’t give him any, he just hasn’t caught on. Don’t get me wrong I’m not a bad person he’s had 2 bowls of cereal already and- wait.. why am I explaining my parenting to myself? I know what I did! I’m fine with it.

All and all my mother went and gathered the essentials. Tuna, eggs, milk, water and of course toilet paper and before any of you zero audience start judging. We’re 8 in my house, a lot of butts to clean! BUT Still 3 bags of 30 toilet paper rolls aren’t enough! I’m not ashamed to admit I did what I had to do to take care of my family! I stole 3 rolls from my job and my brother took 2 from his dentist. No, don’t judge! these are desperate times! We’ll survive.

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