Grammar Errors

My sisters an asshole. Today while she was trying to be supportive she decided to go through my BRAND NEW BLOG (Check it out). everything was going great! We were laughing enjoying my GENIUS. until! she noticed i wrote “plane” instead of “plain” in my post I titled “Tough..” (Don’t check its gone) in which I listed a few of the things that I think are hard on my way to becoming a decent blogger. Now I should add that Grammar it’s not my strong suit, it’s not even my soft suit. It’s not a suit for me. I’m naked out here no grammar suit for Linda.

You may be asking yourself “Why does she want to blog then?” Well because beside the fact that I don’t have patience, dedication or proper grammar I do enjoy typing and expressing myself through words. Also I don’t want to just give it up Just because sometimes I have to change the word I’m using with another synonym because I can’t spell the first one and I have to sit and re-write and add some words to make sense of the sentence and- Wait, where was I going with this? Oh yes. I like to write I want to write and be heard and hopefully someone will hopefully identify with what I’m talking about. Hopefully.

Now before I started this rant yes, my sister made fun of me. Yes, she is 16years old and yes, I started documenting it AS SOON as she started laughing. What can I say? I’m working with what I got haha.

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