This blogging thing it’s a little intimidating, I don’t have a laptop because I thought: “they’re just small computers… and so it’s my phone”. therefore I didn’t think there was a need for a laptop. now that I keep researching, every “blogger” does it through their laptop. Why is blogging so expensive.. this site cost me $45 and my logo that I didn’t think I needed would cost me another $20! I know $20 isn’t much but towards a hobby! that could’ve been a meal at “Chick-Fil-A”! And that’s $20 for a plain logo.. if I want it to POP! Then it would be $65 and it’s %50 OFF! I’m gonna save up to have a logo. For now I’ll just put my face there.. that’s logo enough.

Now I don’t know if I need a laptop, or if I just need to find a better way to do this but I hope I don’t incline towards giving it up. So far it’s going great the 0 audience helps a tad bit with getting used to sharing my opinions.. I speak a lot but I’m not outspoken, if it makes sense.

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