March 14th 11:40Pm

How can I have enough money to provide and still build something for myself?. Investing, saving money and building a business seem to be THE.WAY.TO.GO! (according to YouTube) also a YouTube page couldn’t hurt? Right?

Now do I have any experience investing? No. Do I know how to save money with 2 kids 2 siblings a mom and personal expectation? No. Do I have a business? No. Do I have a BUSINESS IDEA? and do I look good enough to make people want to watch my videos? Also No! No. No. No..

I have to figure out how I a non-experienced woman who tends to give up on everything that doesn’t work out immediately.. can build a save money while investing AND trying my business ideas… WHILE BECOMING A TRENDING MAKE ARTIST! (side note: Lear to do make up) I feel a tad bit discouraged… AND STILL! I finally opened my Blog after 6 years pending.. I finally did it! Maybe in 6 years I’ll start recording.. haha.

I need help becoming a millionaire.

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